Synonyms for

Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb faint

Sense 1:
faint, conk, swoon, pass out
zonk out, pass out, black out
Similarity of adj faint

6 senses of faint

Sense 1:
faint, weak
perceptible (vs. imperceptible)
Sense 2:
dim, faint, shadowy, vague, wispy
indistinct (vs. distinct)
Sense 3:
faint, feeble
weak (vs. strong)
Sense 4:
faint, light, swooning, light-headed, lightheaded
ill (vs. well), sick
Sense 5:
indistinct (vs. distinct)
Sense 6:
faint, fainthearted, timid, faint-hearted
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