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Similarity of adj emotional

4 senses of emotional

Sense 1:
emotional (vs. cerebral)

Sense 2:
emotional (vs. unemotional)
affectional, affective, emotivebathetic, drippy, hokey, maudlin, mawkish, kitschy, mushy, schmaltzy, schmalzy, sentimental, soppy, soupy, slushycathartic, releasingcharged, superchargedfunky, low-downhet up(predicate)hot-bloodedlittlelyric, lyricalmind-blowingmoody, temperamentaloveremotional, sloppysoulfulwarm-toned
Also See: moved#1, affected#3, stirred#1, touched#2; moving#2; passionate#1; warm#2

Sense 3:

Sense 4:
aroused, emotional, excited, worked up
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