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Similarity of adj critical

7 senses of critical

Sense 1:
critical (vs. uncritical)
captious, faultfindingcensoriousdeprecativehypercritical, overcriticalsearingscathing, vituperative
Also See: sarcastic#1; unfavorable#1, unfavourable#1

Sense 2:
critical (vs. noncritical)
Sense 3:
critical (vs. uncritical)
appraising(prenominal), evaluativediscriminative, judicial
Also See: discerning#1; scholarly#1

Sense 4:
critical, vital
indispensable (vs. dispensable)
Sense 5:
critical, decisive
crucial (vs. noncrucial), important
Sense 6:
critical (vs. noncritical)
acutedangerous, grave, grievous, serious, severe, life-threateningdesperate, dire
Also See: crucial#1, important#3

Sense 7:
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