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Synonyms for slipper

slipper (n.)

low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily; usually worn indoors


venus' slipper (n.)

any of various orchids of the genus Paphiopedilum having slender flower stalks bearing 1 to several waxy flowers with pouchlike lips


slipper spurge (n.)

any of several tropical American shrubby succulent plants resembling cacti but having foot-shaped bracts


slipper-shaped (s.)

shaped in the form of a slipper

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california lady's slipper (n.)

often having many yellow-green orchids with white pouches growing along streams and seeps of southwestern Oregon and northern California


large yellow lady's slipper (n.)

plant of eastern and central North America having slightly fragrant purple-marked greenish-yellow flowers


yellow lady's slipper (n.)

maroon to purple-brown orchid with yellow lip; Europe, North America and Japan


clustered lady's slipper (n.)

clusters of several short stems each having 2 broad leaves and 2-4 drooping brownish to greenish flowers with pouches mottled with purple; British Columbia to central California and northern Colorado


common lady's-slipper (n.)

pale pink wild orchid of northeastern America having an inflated pouchlike lip