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Overview of noun provisions

The noun provisions has 1 senses? (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (1) commissariat, provisions, provender, viands, victuals

(a stock or supply of foods)

Overview of noun provision

The noun provision has 4 senses? (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (27) provision, proviso

(a stipulated condition; "he accepted subject to one provision")

2. (4) provision, supply, supplying

(the activity of supplying or providing something)

3. (1) planning, preparation, provision

(the cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the event of something happening; "his planning for retirement was hindered by several uncertainties")

4. provision

(a store or supply of something (especially of food or clothing or arms))

Overview of verb provision

The verb provision has 1 senses? (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (1) provision, purvey

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