Definitions for

Overview of verb lower

The verb lower has 5 senses? (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (15) lower, take down, let down, get down, bring down

(move something or somebody to a lower position; "take down the vase from the shelf")

2. (6) lower, lour

(set lower; "lower a rating"; "lower expectations")

3. (1) turn down, lower, lour

(make lower or quieter; "turn down the volume of a radio")

4. lower, depress

(cause to drop or sink; "The lack of rain had depressed the water level in the reservoir")

5. frown, glower, lour, lower

(look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval)

Overview of adj lowered

The adj lowered has 1 senses? (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (2) lowered

(below the surround or below the normal position; "with lowered eyes") © 2001-2013, Demand Media, all rights reserved. The database is based on Word Net a lexical database for the English language. see disclaimer
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