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Synonyms and Antonyms for innocentxi

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2. innocent (adj.)

lacking in sophistication or worldliness

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3. innocent (adj.)

lacking intent or capacity to injure

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4. innocent (adj.)

free from sin

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5. innocent (adj.)

(used of things) lacking sense or awareness

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6. innocent (n.)

a person who lacks knowledge of evil


7. Innocent XII (n.)

Italian pope from 1691 to 1700 who abolished nepotism within the church hierarchy and was universally loved for his charity and piety


8. innocently (adv.)

in a not unlawful manner


9. innocent (adj.)

completely wanting or lacking

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10. Innocent XI (n.)

Italian pope from 1676 to 1689 whose papacy was marked by the struggle with Louis XIV of France over papal authority over French Catholics; known for saintliness and canonized in 1956 (1611-1689)