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Overview of adj indeterminate

The adj indeterminate has 5 senses? (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (1) indeterminate, undetermined

(not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance; "of indeterminate age"; "a zillion is a large indeterminate number"; "an indeterminate point of law"; "the influence of environment is indeterminate"; "an indeterminate future")

2. indeterminate

(having a capacity for continuing to grow at the apex; "an indeterminate stem")

3. indeterminate

(of uncertain or ambiguous nature; "the equivocal (or indeterminate) objects painted by surrealists")

4. indeterminate

(not capable of being determined; "the indeterminate number of plant species in the jungle")

5. indeterminate

(not leading to a definite ending or result; "an indeterminate campaign") © 2001-2013, Demand Media, all rights reserved. The database is based on Word Net a lexical database for the English language. see disclaimer
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