Synonyms for freedom |

Synonyms for freedom

1. freedom (n.)

the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints

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2. degree of freedom (n.)

(statistics) an unrestricted variable in a frequency distribution


3. freedom of thought (n.)

the right to hold unpopular ideas


4. freedom rider (n.)

one of an interracial group of civil rights activists who rode buses through parts of the South in order to protest racial segregation


5. academic freedom (n.)

the freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions


6. freedom of speech (n.)

a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution


7. basque homeland and freedom (n.)

a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party; want to create an independent homeland in Spain's western Pyrenees


8. freedom to bear arms (n.)

a right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution


9. freedom from double jeopardy (n.)

a civil right guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution


10. freedom from discrimination (n.)

immunity from discrimination on the basis of race or sex or nationality or religion or age; guaranteed by federal laws of the United States