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Overview of verb evidence

The verb evidence has 3 senses? (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (10) attest, certify, manifest, demonstrate, evidence

(provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes; "His high fever attested to his illness"; "The buildings in Rome manifest a high level of architectural sophistication"; "This decision demonstrates his sense of fairness")

2. (3) testify, bear witness, prove, evidence, show

(provide evidence for; "The blood test showed that he was the father"; "Her behavior testified to her incompetence")

3. (1) tell, evidence

(give evidence; "he was telling on all his former colleague")

Overview of adj evidenced

The adj evidenced has 1 senses? (no senses from tagged texts)
1. evidenced

(supported by evidence; "their evidenced friendliness to the US") © 2001-2013, Demand Media, all rights reserved. The database is based on Word Net a lexical database for the English language. see disclaimer
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