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Overview of verb direct

The verb direct has 13 senses? (first 10 from tagged texts)
1. (17) direct

(command with authority; "He directed the children to do their homework")

2. (16) target, aim, place, direct, point

(intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself")

3. (13) direct

(guide the actors in (plays and films))

4. (7) direct

(be in charge of)

5. (5) lead, take, direct, conduct, guide

(take somebody somewhere; "We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance?"; "He conducted us to the palace")

6. (5) send, direct

(cause to go somewhere; "The explosion sent the car flying in the air"; "She sent her children to camp"; "He directed all his energies into his dissertation")

7. (5) aim, take, train, take aim, direct

(point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards; "Please don't aim at your little brother!"; "He trained his gun on the burglar"; "Don't train your camera on the women"; "Take a swipe at one's opponent")

8. (4) conduct, lead, direct

(lead, as in the performance of a composition; "conduct an orchestra; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years")

9. (1) direct

(give directions to; point somebody into a certain direction; "I directed them towards the town hall")

10. (1) calculate, aim, direct

(specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public)

11. steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, head, guide, channelize, channelise

(direct the course; determine the direction of travelling)

12. address, direct

(put an address on (an envelope))

13. mastermind, engineer, direct, organize, organise, orchestrate

(plan and direct (a complex undertaking); "he masterminded the robbery")

Overview of adj direct

The adj direct has 10 senses? (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (23) direct

(direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short; "a direct route"; "a direct flight"; "a direct hit")

2. (16) direct, unmediated

(having no intervening persons, agents, conditions; "in direct sunlight"; "in direct contact with the voters"; "direct exposure to the disease"; "a direct link"; "the direct cause of the accident"; "direct vote")

3. (5) direct

(straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action; "a direct question"; "a direct response"; "a direct approach")

4. lineal, direct

(in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child; "lineal ancestors"; "lineal heirs"; "a direct descendant of the king"; "direct heredity")

5. direct

(moving from west to east on the celestial sphere; or

6. direct

(similar in nature or effect or relation to another quantity; "a term is in direct proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other increases (or decreases)")

7. direct

((of a current) flowing in one direction only; "direct current")

8. direct

(being an immediate result or consequence; "a direct result of the accident")

9. direct, verbatim

(in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker; "a direct quotation"; "repeated their dialog verbatim")

10. direct

(lacking compromising or mitigating elements; exact; "the direct opposite")

Overview of adv direct

The adv direct has 1 senses? (no senses from tagged texts)
1. directly, straight, direct

(without deviation; "the path leads directly to the lake"; "went direct to the office") © 2001-2013, Demand Media, all rights reserved. The database is based on Word Net a lexical database for the English language. see disclaimer
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