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Overview of noun aids

The noun aids has 1 senses? (no senses from tagged texts)
1. AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome

(a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles)

Overview of noun aid

The noun aid has 4 senses? (first 3 from tagged texts)
1. (10) aid, assistance, help

(a resource; "visual aids in teaching")

2. (9) aid, assist, assistance, help

(the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; "he gave me an assist with the housework"; "could not walk without assistance"; "rescue party went to their aid"; "offered his help in unloading")

3. (6) aid, economic aid, financial aid

(money to support a worthy person or cause)

4. care, attention, aid, tending

(the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something; "no medical care was required"; "the old car needs constant attention")

Overview of verb aid

The verb aid has 2 senses? (first 2 from tagged texts)
1. (36) help, assist, aid

(give help or assistance; be of service; "Everyone helped out during the earthquake"; "Can you help me carry this table?"; "She never helps around the house")

2. (1) help, aid

(improve the condition of; "These pills will help the patient") © 2001-2013, Demand Media, all rights reserved. The database is based on Word Net a lexical database for the English language. see disclaimer
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