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Antonyms of noun yellow

Antonyms of verb yellow

Antonyms of adj yellow

6 senses of yellow

Sense 1:
yellow, yellowish, xanthous

INDIRECT (VIA chromatic) -> achromatic, neutral

Sense 2:
chicken, chickenhearted, lily-livered, white-livered, yellow, yellow-bellied

INDIRECT (VIA cowardly) -> brave, courageous

Sense 3:
yellow, yellowed

INDIRECT (VIA old) -> new

Sense 4:
scandalmongering, sensationalistic, yellow(prenominal)

INDIRECT (VIA sensational) -> unsensational

Sense 5:

INDIRECT (VIA dishonorable) -> honorable, honourable

Sense 6:
jaundiced, icteric, yellow

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