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Antonyms of adj soft

19 senses of soft

Sense 1:
soft (vs. hard)

hard (vs. soft)
adamantineal dentecorneous, hornlike, hornytumid, erectfirm, solidgranitic, granitelike, rocklike, stonyhardened, setwoodypetrous, stonelikesemihardsteelyunyielding
Sense 2:
soft (vs. hard)

hard (vs. soft)
calculating, calculative, conniving, scheming, shrewdcase-hardened, hardened, hard-boiledsteely
Sense 3:
soft (vs. loud)

loud (vs. soft)
bigblaring, blastingclariondeafening, earsplitting, thunderous, thunderyearthshakingharsh-voicedloud-mouthedloud-voicedshatteringshouted, yelledtrumpet-likevocal
Sense 4:
delicate, soft

INDIRECT (VIA tender) -> tough, toughened

Sense 5:
voiced (vs. unvoiced), sonant, soft

Sense 6:
soft (vs. hardened)

hardened (vs. soft)

Sense 7:
piano (vs. forte), soft

Sense 8:
soft (vs. hard), diffuse, diffused

hard (vs. soft), concentrated

Sense 9:
soft (vs. hard)

hard (vs. soft)
Sense 10:

INDIRECT (VIA falling) -> rising

Sense 11:

INDIRECT (VIA qualitative) -> quantitative

Sense 12:
indulgent, lenient, soft

INDIRECT (VIA permissive) -> unpermissive

Sense 13:
gentle, soft

INDIRECT (VIA mild) -> intense

Sense 14:
easy, gentle, soft

INDIRECT (VIA light) -> heavy

Sense 15:
soft, flabby, flaccid

INDIRECT (VIA unfit) -> fit

Sense 16:

INDIRECT (VIA conciliatory) -> antagonistic

Sense 17:
cushy, soft, easygoing

INDIRECT (VIA easy) -> difficult, hard

Sense 18:
balmy, mild, soft

INDIRECT (VIA clement) -> inclement

Sense 19:
soft, subdued

INDIRECT (VIA dull) -> bright

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