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Antonyms of noun sharp

Antonyms of adj sharp

12 senses of sharp

Sense 1:
crisp, sharp

INDIRECT (VIA distinct) -> indistinct

Sense 2:
acuate, acute, sharp, needlelike

INDIRECT (VIA pointed) -> pointless, unpointed

Sense 3:
acute, discriminating, incisive, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, piercing, sharp

INDIRECT (VIA perceptive) -> unperceptive, unperceiving

Sense 4:
astute, sharp, shrewd

INDIRECT (VIA smart) -> stupid

Sense 5:
sharp, sharp-worded, tart

INDIRECT (VIA unpleasant) -> pleasant

Sense 6:
shrill, sharp

INDIRECT (VIA high) -> low, low-pitched

Sense 7:
abrupt, precipitous, sharp

INDIRECT (VIA steep) -> gradual

Sense 8:
sharp (vs. dull)

dull (vs. sharp)
Sense 9:
sharp (vs. dull)

dull (vs. sharp)
bluntblunted, dullededgelessunsharpened
Sense 10:
sharp (vs. flat) (vs. natural)

flat (vs. natural) (vs. sharp)
natural (vs. sharp) (vs. flat)

Sense 11:

INDIRECT (VIA sudden) -> gradual

Sense 12:

INDIRECT (VIA forceful) -> forceless, unforceful

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