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Antonyms of adj new

11 senses of new

Sense 1:
new (vs. old)

old (vs. new)
age-old, antiqueantediluvian, antiquated, archaicantiqueauldhand-me-down, hand-downhoary, rustyimmemorial(postnominal)long-agolongtime(prenominal)patchedsecondhand, usedsunsetyellow, yellowed
Sense 2:
fresh, new, novel

INDIRECT (VIA original) -> unoriginal

Sense 3:
raw, new

INDIRECT (VIA inexperienced) -> experienced, experient

Sense 4:
new, unexampled

INDIRECT (VIA unprecedented) -> precedented

Sense 5:

INDIRECT (VIA other) -> same

Sense 6:
new (vs. worn)

worn (vs. new)
agedattritedbatteredclapped outcreaky, decrepit, derelict, flea-bitten, run-down, woebegonedog-eared, earederoded, scouredfrayedmangy, mangeymoth-eaten, mothyplayed outraggedraddled, worn-outmoth-eaten, ratty, shabby, tattyscruffy, seedyshopworn, shopsoiledtattered, tatterdemalionthreadbarethumbedvermiculate, worm-eaten, wormywaterwornweather-beaten, weatherworn, weatheredwell-worn
Sense 7:
newfangled, new

INDIRECT (VIA original) -> unoriginal

Sense 8:

INDIRECT (VIA middle, late) -> early
INDIRECT (VIA late, early) -> middle

Sense 9:
Modern, New

INDIRECT (VIA middle, late) -> early
INDIRECT (VIA late, early) -> middle

Sense 10:
new, young

INDIRECT (VIA early) -> late, later

Sense 11:

INDIRECT (VIA unaccustomed) -> accustomed

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