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Antonyms of noun left

1 of 5 senses of left

Sense 1:
Antonym of right (Sense 2)

Antonyms of noun leave

Antonyms of adj left

4 senses of left

Sense 1:
left (vs. right)

right (vs. left)
Sense 2:
leftover, left over(predicate), left(predicate), odd, remaining, unexpended

INDIRECT (VIA unexhausted) -> exhausted, spent

Sense 3:
left(prenominal), left-hand(prenominal)

INDIRECT (VIA right-handed, left-handed) -> ambidextrous, two-handed
INDIRECT (VIA left-handed, ambidextrous) -> right-handed

Sense 4:
left (vs. center) (vs. right)

center (vs. right) (vs. left)
centrist, middle-of-the-roadright (vs. left) (vs. center)
conservativeoldline, old-linereactionary, reactionist, far-rightrightishrightist, right-wing
Antonyms of adv left

1 sense of left

Sense 1:
Antonym of right (Sense 4)
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