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Antonyms of noun high

2 of 7 senses of high

Sense 1:
Antonym of low (Sense 3)

Sense 3:
Antonym of low spirits (Sense 1)
=>low spirits

Antonyms of adj high

7 senses of high

Sense 1:
high (vs. low)

low (vs. high)
debased, devalued, degradeddepressed, down(predicate)low-levelreduced, rock-bottom
Sense 2:
high (vs. low)

low (vs. high)
deeplow-growing, flat-growing, ground-hugginglow-level, low-altitudelow-lyinglowset, low-setnether, undersquat, underslung
Sense 3:
eminent, high

INDIRECT (VIA superior) -> inferior

Sense 4:
high (vs. low), high-pitched

low (vs. high), low-pitched
alto, contraltobaritonebass, deepcontrabass, double-bassthroaty
Sense 5:
high, in high spirits

INDIRECT (VIA elated) -> dejected

Sense 6:
gamey, gamy, high

INDIRECT (VIA malodorous) -> fragrant

Sense 7:
high, mellow

INDIRECT (VIA intoxicated) -> sober

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