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Antonyms of adj distant

5 senses of distant

Sense 1:
distant (vs. close)

close (vs. distant)
adjacent, next, side by side(predicate)ambientappressed, adpressedapproximate, close together(predicate)at hand(predicate), close at hand(predicate), imminent, impendent, impendingat hand(predicate), close at hand(predicate)close-hauledclose-set(prenominal), close set(predicate)contiguous, immediateencompassing(prenominal), surrounding(prenominal), circumferentenveloping(prenominal)hand-to-handjuxtaposednestled, snuggledproximatescalelikewalk-to(prenominal), walking(prenominal)
Sense 2:
distant (vs. close), remote

close (vs. distant)
approximate, nearboonchummy, buddy-buddy, thick(predicate)close-knit, closely knitconfidentialcozydear, good, nearfamiliar, intimateintimate
Sense 3:
aloof, distant, upstage

INDIRECT (VIA reserved) -> unreserved

Sense 4:
distant, remote, removed

INDIRECT (VIA far) -> near, close, nigh

Sense 5:
distant, remote

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