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Antonyms of verb direct

Antonyms of adj direct

10 senses of direct

Sense 1:
direct (vs. indirect)

indirect (vs. direct)
askance, askant, asquint, squint, squint-eyed, squinty, sidelongdevious, circuitous, roundaboutdiversionarymeandering(prenominal), rambling, wandering(prenominal), winding
Sense 2:
direct, unmediated

INDIRECT (VIA immediate) -> mediate

Sense 3:
direct (vs. indirect)

indirect (vs. direct)
allusivebackhandedcircuitous, roundaboutcircumlocutious, circumlocutory, periphrastic, ambagiousdevious, obliquedigressive, discursive, excursive, ramblinghearsaymealymouthed, mealy-mouthedtortuous
Sense 4:
lineal (vs. collateral), direct

Sense 5:
direct (vs. retrograde)

retrograde (vs. direct)

Sense 6:
direct (vs. inverse)

inverse (vs. direct)
Sense 7:
direct (vs. alternating)

alternating (vs. direct)

Sense 8:

INDIRECT (VIA primary) -> secondary

Sense 9:
direct, verbatim

INDIRECT (VIA exact) -> inexact

Sense 10:

INDIRECT (VIA absolute) -> relative, comparative

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