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Antonyms of noun clear

Antonyms of verb clear

1 of 24 senses of clear

Sense 7:
Antonym of bounce (Sense 4)

Antonyms of adj clear

17 senses of clear

Sense 1:
clear (vs. unclear)

unclear (vs. clear)
blurred, cloudedconfusing, perplexing, puzzlingobscure, vague
Sense 2:

INDIRECT (VIA clearheaded) -> confused

Sense 3:
clear, open

INDIRECT (VIA unobstructed) -> obstructed

Sense 4:
clear (vs. opaque)

opaque (vs. clear)
cloudy, muddy, mirky, murky, turbidfogged, foggyfrostedglaucouslightproof, light-tightmilky, milklike, whitishsemiopaquesolid
Sense 5:

INDIRECT (VIA free) -> unfree

Sense 6:

INDIRECT (VIA untroubled) -> troubled

Sense 7:
clean, clear, light, unclouded

INDIRECT (VIA pure) -> impure

Sense 8:
clear, unmortgaged

INDIRECT (VIA unencumbered) -> encumbered

Sense 9:
clear, clean-cut, clear-cut

INDIRECT (VIA distinct) -> indistinct

Sense 10:
well-defined (vs. ill-defined), clear

Sense 11:
clear (vs. cloudy)

cloudy (vs. clear)
brumous, foggy, hazy, mistyfogboundcloud-covered, clouded, overcast, sunlesscloudlike, nebulardull, leadenheavy, lowering, sullen, threateningmiasmal, miasmic, vaporous, vapouroussmoggy
Sense 12:
clean, clear

INDIRECT (VIA unqualified) -> qualified

Sense 13:

INDIRECT (VIA perfect) -> imperfect

Sense 14:

INDIRECT (VIA net) -> gross

Sense 15:
clear, decipherable, readable

INDIRECT (VIA legible) -> illegible

Sense 16:
absolved, clear, cleared, exculpated, exonerated, vindicated

INDIRECT (VIA innocent) -> guilty

Sense 17:
clear, percipient

INDIRECT (VIA discerning) -> undiscerning

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